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Victory! … Sort Of.

There are few things more satisfying than finishing a knitting project.  It’s such a rush to you hold your FO in your hands and marvel at its construction, its artistry, its awesomeness.

It's done! It's done! It's done!


Then you run up to your room to try it on, and… well, let’s do a little comparison.

Debbie Bliss's Cable Detail Sweater, worn by gorgeous model.

yarnyMarni's Cable Detail Sweater, worn by... yarnyMarni.













Clearly mine isn’t fitting like Debbie’s, and I have no idea why.  Because I… got… gauge.  I did.  I’m very careful about making gauge swatches, and in fact, I got gauge on this using smaller needles than what was called for.  Was there something wrong with the pattern?  No… no errata on Debbie’s website.  Was I measuring everything correctly?  Yes… measured all pieces multiple times, in inches and centimeters.  Am I lying to myself about my gauge?  NO.  Is Debbie lying to me about her gauge? Hmmmmm…  

Well… it’s still wearable.  It’s certainly warm and soft, so it’ll get a lot of play this winter.  But my next sweater pattern?  It’ll be fitted.


On A Lighter Note…

I used to listen fiendishly to knitting podcasts, but when they started to get too time-consuming, I gave up on all of them, all at once. I’ve decided to test the waters again, but I’m starting out slowly.  So today, I listened to Knit Purl Gurl‘s podcast, which I enjoyed a lot, but geez, what doesn’t this girl do?  She knits, she crochets, she sews, she writes patterns, she reviews yarn and books and needles and gets paid for it, she leads KALs… it’s kind of intimidating… and annoying… and unfair… andmanIwishIcouldbeher.

I also listened to Alana Dakos‘s Never Not Knitting podcast, Episode #60, which was an interview/Q&A between herself and knitwear designer Hannah Fettig.  They’re friends who live on opposite coasts but still managed to write a book together – Coastal Knits.  They answered a bunch of questions from Ravelry fans, and gave a lot of really good insight about their collaboration and design processes.  But before you run off to listen to Alana yourself, be warned:  Episode #60 was her last podcast. She’s having a baby, so there won’t be time for podcasts in the near future.  I understand that.  But why did this have to happen when I started listening… ?  Here’s hoping Alana finds the time to keep us posted on her knitting, designing, and growing family somewhere down the line.

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Snow In October: Why Bad, Why Good? Discuss.

I can only think of one thing that’s more bizarre than snow before Halloween, and that’s trick or treating on a day other than Halloween.  But I digress…

Why is snow in October bad?  Because if it falls on the day that you planned on traveling an hour north to lovely Milton, PA to interview a Sheep To Shawl team whose members happen to be the reigning champions of the Farm Show contest for the past 3 or 4 years, it’s really, really, really disheartening when such freakish snow cancels your plans.  But… while I missed my chance to interview the entire team as they practiced for the Farm Show contest (insert expletive here), I may still get the chance to hang out with the team’s weaver, Libby Beiler, sometime in the near future.  A good time and a great interview will ensue… keep watching here for details.

Why is snow in October good?  Because if it cancels your plans to travel to Milton, PA, you can always…

… finish your Cable Detail Sweater 

That sleeve on the right side was completely re-knit... much better now. I'll be wearing it tomorrow... WOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!

… sew a button on your husband’s suit jacket

Not as exciting as the sweater, but my husband was simply thrilled with my handiwork.

… sew an ear back onto your daughter’s stuffed animal

Atta boy, good dog!

… re-gather your Gathered Mesh Polo (it mysteriously un-gathered recently)

These gathers should hold for awhile... I hope...

… clean your house in preparation for your 2nd round of trick or treating with friends, clip coupons, pay bills, do laundry, go through email, post pictures on Facebook, and… write a new post for your blog.

A somewhat disappointing weekend, yes, but also rather productive, wouldn’t you say?  Here’s hoping that your plans weren’t similarly affected… along with the electricity.


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A Brief Update.

  • Working furiously on re-knitting the sleeve of the Cable Detail Sweater.  Should be well on my way to re-joining the pieces and re-starting the yoke later today or tomorrow.
  • Entertaining my SIL (not the yarn store owner, my other one) this weekend as we await the big finale competition of the PA National Horse Show later this evening (PA… National?  So… is it PA, or is it National?  Or should it be “PA’s National…”?  Am I overthinking this?).  This SIL lives in Boston, attends grad school at Harvard and plays polo.  What can I say, I have interesting S’sIL.
  • Making plans to spend a whole day up at Mad About Ewes to interview Team Time Warp, who will be defending their championship title in the 2012 PA Farm Show Sheep To Shawl Contest in January.  I absolutely cannot wait to get up there – I’ve been meaning to visit for at least 2 years now, but my crazy schedule kept me away.  Many, many thanks to Libby Beiler and the rest of the team for allowing me to hang out with them.  Watch this blog for the interview!
  • Starting to put together some ideas on how to teach knitting to kids, without tantrums or frustration… for me or the kids.  I don’t know, it’s just something that’s been going through my head lately.
  • Still have to register for VKLive in NYC.  Hopefully this weekend.

I think that’s enough on the To-Do list for now.  Back to the sleeve…

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Staring Obviousness In The Face, 24 Hours Later.

Ohhhhhhhh… this hurts…

The almost-finished Cable Detail Sweater.

I have to rip back.

The thing about Glen is that each skein fades from a darker hue to a lighter hue (or vice-versa… you know what I mean).  You have to be careful when joining a new skein to the work so that you don’t get an obvious line, like the one in that sleeve there on the right.

And, if ¾ of your work is matching up perfectly as far as shades of color is concerned, then really, you should probably make sure that the last ¼ matches up, too.  Otherwise… you end up thinking about it all day long while you’re at work as you try to convince yourself that no, really, it’s ok the way it is… it’s quirky!  It’s Random Acts Of Color!  It’s like tie-dye (that’s my daughter’s voice, right there)!  It’s… not at all what I was going for.  Why I didn’t come to this conclusion while I was actually knitting the sleeve is truly beyond me.

And so, with wine glass in hand, I shall spend the rest of my evening ripping back all that yoke-work and very probably the whole of the sleeve.  My only consolation is that my short-term goal was to finish this by month’s end, and even with all this ripping, I’m still on track to do that.  So… yay.  Hooray for me.  Hmph.

On A Much Brighter Note…

For anyone who’s looking for more 2012 PA Farm Show info on submitting crafts for judging, please read the wonderful Carlin’s comment on Monday’s post.  Many thanks for being a lot more vigilant about finding all that info than I was… I admit, I was so excited about the site being live that I kind of skimmed it a little too quickly.  As time permits, I’ll try to find out as much as I can to post here, but by all means, if you, faithful reader, find out anything, send it along!

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Travel Knitting: Sweater, Socks, Or Socks?

Rhinebeck Rhinebeck Rhinebeck.  That’s all anyone who’s into yarn is talking about this week.  What to wear to Rhinebeck.  What to pack for Rhinebeck.  How to play interactive bingo at Rhinebeck.  And, most importantly, what project to bring to Rhinebeck. It’s been a dilemma for many a knitter.

Well, I have a dilemma, too.  I’m not going to Rhinebeck… huh?  No no, that’s not the actual dilemma… I mean, it is a dilemma, because I really would’ve loved to go, but that’s not what I was getting at… what?  What other dilemma is there this week, you ask? Well if you’d let me finish, I’ll tell you.  Shush.

I’m not going to Rhinebeck because I’m going to NYC for the day with my daughter.  We’ll mostly be doing stuff she loves, like going to the American Girl Place,

Simultaneously the most amazing, and the scariest, store in NYC.

going to Times Square to watch the billboards,

going to a museum,

My daughter will LOVE this exhibit... her favorite insect!

and all the while, enjoying the culinary delicacies that NYC has to offer.

... but do they have roasted chestnuts? I will NOT leave the city until I get some. Period.

Doesn’t sound like much of a dilemma, does it?  Turns out that I have the same problem that many of those Rhinebeckers have, something that I’ve been spending a lot of time pondering but not making much headway:  what knitting project to bring on the trip?  So I’ll ask you, my loyal readers, for help on what I should bring.  Check out the poll in the sidebar… let’s have a little fun with this.

For a 1-day excursion, in which you’ll be pounding the pavement part of the time, and sitting on a bus part of the time, would you bring your current WIP,

Making great progress on this... I'm working on the sleeves now.

yarn to start another pair of socks for yourself,

This is Dyed Bright Here's High Society Sock Yarn, colorway "Polo Ponies".

or yarn to start another pair of socks for your child?

South West Trading Company's TOFUtsies. Originally for me, but then my daughter found my secret yarn stash...

Majority wins, but I’d love to read your opinions, too.  Feel free to leave comments.  What is the best kind of knitting to bring on a trip?

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