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And KDO Wins!

I’m happy to report tonight that the flood here in Central PA did not stop me or my fellow yarniacs from attending Day 1 of Knitter’s Day Out.  I live about 15 minutes from the venue, but tonight it took me an hour to get there, after fighting massive traffic on I-81S due to flooding at Exit 66 (Harrisburg).  Very frustrating…

…but it was worth the trip!  My sole purpose for attending tonight was to hit the Market, and hit it hard.  There were some amazing selections of yarn, roving, notions, bags, kits, etc… but tonight, I walked away with magazines, and also Rowan #50.  And sock yarn for my daughter.  And a handmade glass button for the Lace Jacket.  And… no really, that’s it.  For now.

Tomorrow I’ll be back for Day 2 – I’m taking 2 classes:  Shadow Knitting and Crochet for Knitters.  If you happen to spot me, come say hi!  I’ll try to take some pictures to post here afterwards, but here’s one from the Wall of Knitting Contest Entries:

This is really beautiful... I don't think this pic does it justice. Just one of many amazing entries.

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Swatch Crazy!

Hope everyone’s having a nice long holiday weekend.  Here in Central PA, the weather’s been kinda iffy all weekend – maybe it’ll rain, maybe it won’t – perfect for… swatching!

Using my lovely Symphony Lace sample, my goal was to a) figure out whether I’d be holding the yarn single or double for the Lace Jacket; and b) get gauge.  Here’s a sampling of my results:

Swatch with size 7 needles, yarn held double:

Pretty, but missing some of the lacy-ness I'm going for.

Swatch with size 10 needles (!!!), yarn held single:

This is closer to what I'm trying to do... but my gauge is off.

Swatch with size 6 needles, yarn held single:

Nope, this one's NOT working for me!

I don’t think the pictures really show it, but there’s a definite difference between holding this particular yarn single vs. double.  I like both, but for this project, I’m going with holding the yarn single.  It creates a lighter, airier fabric, with nice drape, which is what I’m looking for.  The doubled swatch is surprisingly dense, and a little too warm for its intended use.

And the winner is... Symphony Lace held single!

As far as gauge is concerned, looks like I have to work on that.  Five swatches were created, with 5 different needle sizes, yarn was held single and double… and every swatch IS EXACTLY THE SAME GAUGE.  Seriously.  20 yarnyMarni stitches in this partial lace pattern = 4″, no matter what.  This is a problem when the pattern’s calling for 12 stitches = 4″.  I wish I could explain this.  Can anyone out there explain this?  SOMEONE please explain this!!!!

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