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Welcome To The 2012 PA Farm Show Fleece And Sheep To Shawl Contests!

8:34 pm
I’m home now.  I can’t smell a thing, due to the dust that’s lodged in my nose and throat – although my daughter kindly informed me that I stink to High Heaven.  I’m exhausted… but so, so happy.  Many, many thanks to the teams, the judges, the spectators, Joanne Evans and Tom Knisely, and of course, you, Dear Reader, for making this day so incredibly amazing.  I can’t wait to see what happens next… !

6:55 pm
… and that’s all she wrote, folks.  Gotta pack up now… I’ll try to update a few things when I get home later.  Hope you had as much fun as I did today… see ya soon!

6:53 pm
$1,300 – Time Warp
$1,850 –  Friends Thru Fiber
$1,400 – Fort Freeland Flickers
$1,000 – Just A Little Twisted
$900 – Dream Weavers
$700 – Butler County Pedalers 

6:39 pm
Auction time!!!

$550 – Treadling Lambs and a Ram
$600 – Surfin’ Ewe S. A.
$400 – Bountiful Bobbins 
$275 –  Fibering Five
$325 – Sugar Valley Shepherds 

6:25 pm
I’m getting cold again.  Ironically, no one has a shawl that I can borrow.

6:23 pm
Ok… get ready for the shawl auction, coming up next… !

6:22 pm
Here they are… Team Time Warp, our 2012 Sheep To Shawl champs!

They heckled me as I took their pic... I love them anyway!

6:15 pm
Champion Shearer Award – Time Warp’s Carl Geisinger
Fleece Award – Just A Little Twisted
Team’s Choice Award – Dream Weavers
Weaver’s Award – Friends Thru Fiber’s Michelle Lushbaugh
Spinning Award – Friends Thru Fiber

7th Place – 2 Rams, 2 Lambs, Ewe & Me
6th Place – Butler County Pedalers
5th Place – Dream Weavers
4th Place – Just A Little Twisted
3rd Place – Fort Freeland Flickers
2nd Place – Friends Thru Fiber
1st Place – Time Warp

6:05 pm
We’re about to start announcing the winners… keep it here!

6:00 pm
Faces in the crowd… I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

5:54 pm
A sheep in sheep’s clothing… ?  A sheep in people’s clothing… ?

5:51 pm
Francie Appleman just brought me 3 mini 3 Musketeer bars.  I think it’s safe to say that everyone from Loganton, PA is as awesome as her… wouldn’t you agree?

5:48 pm
Finished shawls… and an unfinished milkshake.

5:45 pm
Knitting and jewelry-making going on… it’s not live yet, but check out Arline Janison‘s beaded jewelry website soon.  Just Google her – she’ll be there!

5:39 pm
Not that he’ll see this, but let me stop to give a happy birthday shout-out to my brother Gary, who unbelievably turned 39 today.  I still see him as a little kid…  I think I always will.

5:36 pm
Ok… the judges are now tallying up the scores, the teams are starting to pack up their gear, and everyone’s goin’ for milkshakes.  Everyone except me.  I’m here typing.  Why am I here typing when I could be goin’ for milkshakes… ?

5:34 pm
Team 2R2LU&M delivered their shawl to the judges… only to find that it wasn’t long enough.  I believe that’s a disqualification… 😦

5:32 pm
… and the 2012 Sheep To Shawl Contest is OVER!!!

Butler County Pedalers, with 2 minutes to go... !

Done!!! Whew!!!

5:30 pm
Butler County Pedalers, almost done…

Team 2R2Lu&M, off the loom:

5:24 pm
Dream Weavers are finished!

Closeup of Team Dream Weavers' shawl.

5:22 pm
Dream Weavers are off the loom:

5:21 pm
Fort Freeland Flickers are finished!

Closeup of Fort Freeland Flickers' shawl.

5:16 pm
Here’s Just A Little Twisted’s finished shawl:

5:13 pm
Dream Weavers are almost off the loom… !

5:10 pm
Team Just A Little Twisted is off the loom and finishing up… !

5:08 pm
Team 2R2LU&M:

Team Dream Weavers:

5:03 pm
And here it is… Friends Thru Fiber‘s finished shawl!

4:59 pm
Team Just A Little Twisted will be off the loom shortly:

Team Friends Thru Fiber is off the loom and sooooooo close to done…

… and Team Fort Freeland Flickers is at the beginning of the end…

4:53 pm
Hey!  Where’s the Fleece and Wool Princess this year???  Anyone seen her?

4:52 pm
Closeup of Time Warp’s shawl… how gorgeous is this???

4:50 pm
Team Just A Little Twisted:

David Weaver and his huge pile ‘o fleece:

Team Fort Freeland Flickers.

The ladies of Friends Thru Fiber are almost done…

A team meeting ensues around the almost-finished shawl.

4:46  pm
Team Time Warp has delivered their shawl to the judges!

4:43 pm
Finishing the shawl…

Team Time Warp's off the loom and just about done... !

4:41 pm
Team Dream Weavers:

Team Butler County Pedalers:

4:37 pm
Whoa… Team Time Warp‘s almost off the loom!

Libby Beiler's finishing the shawl... !

4:34 pm
I’ve been fleeced!!!  Get it????  Fleeced???  *wince*  Yeah, I know… it’s been a long day.

4:30 pm
More knitting goin’ on…

She's knitting a scarf from wool she bought at the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival. How I long to go to Rhinebeck...

Team Just A Little Twisted gets a bobbin of newly-spun yarn ready for the weaver.

Team Time Warp's shawl...

Spinning for 2R2LU&M.

4:20 pm
Team Butler County Pedalers with their moonshine… just in case I have more technical difficulties.  They must’ve read my Rules of Engagement last night…

That'll taste good *after* the competition...

Jeff Johnstonbaugh, carder for Team Time Warp:

4:09 pm
Fort Freeland Flickers:

This woman should look familiar to you... it's Abby Schrack, spinner and Social Studies teacher extraordinnaire for Team Sugar Valley Shepherds!

4:04 pm
Wayne Appleman of Team Dream Weavers:

"Are you saying good things about us?" Of course I am!!!

Team Friends Thru Fiber and I compared our knitted socks and remarked about how warm it’s gotten in the arena.  Michelle Lushbaugh is busy at the loom:

3:57 pm
Whenever I look up from my laptop, I can see a haze of dust over the arena.  Dust that’s getting all up in my nose and throat now.  Not one of my favorite things about spending 15 hours at The Farm Show… but it’s worth it, right?  Right?  Right??? 

3:55 pm
Team Just A Little Twisted

… and Team Fort Freeland Flickers:

3:51 pm
My once-fuzzy neighbors are quite silent now…

3:48 pm
Butler County Pedalers‘ weaver, Donna Fike… not weaving yet, but will be soon.

Friends Thru Fiber.

3:41 pm

Ashley Shaw, weaver for Just A Little Twisted.

The Time Warp spinners.

2R2LU&M spinners.

3:35 pm

Libby Beiler, weaver of Team Time Warp, being watched by PCN... and me.

Emma Olshefski, weaver for Team Fort Freeland Flickers. She's moving a lot faster than it seems.

Francie Appleman, like most of the contestants, is multi-talented. She's weaving for Dream Weavers today, but, as you already saw, can spin and card with the best of 'em.

3:29 pm
Dream Weaver women…

This is Christine Flanagan, weaver for 2R2LU&M. She taught me how to use a drop spindle!

3:24 pm
Butler County Pedalers carding away…

And here’s Two Rams, Two Lambs, Ewe & Me, which will now be known as 2R2LU&M.  Actually, I don’t think that’s any easier to type.

3:19 pm
The teams are being introduced to the audience while the teams get started carding…

Team Just A Little Twisted.

Team Time Warp.

Team Friends Thru Fiber.

Team Fort Freeland Flickers.

3:12 pm
Heh… look at my neighbor now… !

3:09 pm
More shearing…

3:05 pm
The crowd counts it down… and off we go!  The sheep are being shorn:

2:56 pm
5 minutes ’til start time… tons of  people are lining up now around the perimeter of the arena.  We’ll be starting with the shearing of my neighbors.  The sheep, that is.  What did you think I meant?

2:54 pm
Team Just A Little Twisted‘s warp…

2:52 pm
Oh goody, my absolutely favorite part of the contest is starting – photographers and other press people are taking over the arena.  You know, I’m a big fan of the press, but not when they think they’re so much better than everyone else that they can put their gear wherever they want… like right in front of my work station.

2:49 pm

Team Time Warp's... warp.

Team Dream Weaver's warp.

Francie Appleman of Team Dream Weavers, and her awesome wheel.

2:38 pm
The teams are milling about as the first 2 stands of seats fill with spectators.  I see PCN‘s camera at the top of one of the stands, unsupervised, just capturing everything in front of it, I suppose…

2:33 pm
Team Just A Little Twisted‘s shawl display:

"Spring Garden". Truly.

2:30 pm
More neighbors move in…

Team Two Rams, Two Lambs, Ewe & Me's sheep.

Team Butler County Pedalers' sheep.

2:24 pm
More shawl displays:

Team Time Warp's "A Walk In The Woods: A Pennsylvania Palindrome".

Two Rams, Two Lambs, Ewe & Me.

Fort Freeland Flickers and their Blue Butterfly.

2:18 pm
Here are some of the team shawl displays:

Team Butler County Pedalers with "Moonshine".

Team Dream Weavers with their Pennsylvania Brook Trout.

This could be mistaken for a museum exhibit. Team Friends Thru Fiber and their Gettysburg Battle Commemorative Shawl.

2:02 pm
The Sheep To Shawl teams are setting up and a larger crowd is gathering in the arena stands.  And my sheepy neighbor will not stop bahhhhhh-ing.

1:59 pm
Oh glorious batter-dipped vegetables, fried to within an inch of your lives and served with horseradish sauce… I am not worthy.  No one is.  But I’ll eat you anyway.

1:42 pm
FOOD!!!!!  Be back soon…

1:41 pm
And here they are… Team Treadling Lambs and a Ram!

Congrats to the Grand Champion Fleece To Shawl team!

1:35 pm
Time to announce the winners!

Fleece Award – Treadling Lambs and a Ram
Team’s Choice Award – Surfin’ Ewe S. A.
Weaver’s Award – Bountiful Bobbins
Spinning Award – Treadling Lambs and a Ram

5th Place – Sugar Valley Shepherds
4th Place – The Fibering Five
3rd Place – Bountiful Bobbins
2nd Place – Surfin’ Ewe S. A.
1st Place – Treadling Lambs and a Ram

1:30 pm
The Fleece to Shawl teams are beginning to gather… it’s almost time for the awards ceremony.  I want to mention, Team Wooly Workers didn’t finish their shawl within the 3-hour time period, so I think they’ve been disqualified.  But the fact that they made it here to the Farm Show competition in the first place is a big deal… well, there’s always next year.  Great effort from a great team!

1:21 pm

I have really noisy neighbors.

1:14 pm
I’m… so… hungry.  Need… fried… vegetables…

1:11 pm
… and this one’s part of the Just A Little Twisted team…

1:08 pm
Look at this face!  This beauty belongs to Team Dream Weavers:


1:04 pm
Donovan’s in da HOUSE!  This is Team Time Warp‘s sheep.

1:02 pm
And the contest is OVER!  Awards will be given in just a bit… stay tuned… !

12:57 pm

Here's the finished Bountiful Bobbins shawl...

Per reader request, a closeup of Team Treadling Lambs and a Ram's shawl. It's hard to do this one justice, it's sooooooo pretty!

12:48 pm

The Mardi Gras shawl.

Team Bountiful Bobbins is DONE!

12:40 pm

Team Fibering Five's shawl, at the judges' table.

Team Bountiful Bobbins are almost off the loom...

12:33 pm
Down to the wire now… Team Surfin’ Ewe S. A.‘s off the loom, while Team Fibering Five delivers their shawl to the judges.

12:31 pm
Team Fibering Five‘s off the loom… almost there…

12:27 pm
And it’s official… Team Sugar Valley Shepherds are DONE!  Their shawl is in the judges hands now…

12:21 pm
Team Fibering Five is very close now…

So is Team Surfin’ Ewe S. A.

12:19 pm
Nope… it’s Team Sugar Valley Shepherds, 2nd off the loom!  Go go go!!!

This is an amazing moment for the teams... so much goes into these shawls. Go kids go!

Meanwhile, the judges doing their judge-y thing with Treadling Lambs and a Ram's shawl.

12:13 pm

Will Team Surfin’ Ewe S. A. be next off the loom… ?

Here's their shawl, sans weaver... must be close to done!

Team Wooly Workers weaver, with almost-done shawl.

12:08 pm
A few final touches, and it’s off to the Judges’ Table…

12:03 pm
Team Treadling Lambs and a Ram are first off the loom!

12:00 pm
I feel like I can’t move fast enough to grab pictures and upload them to the website, and the Wi-Fi is slow… how am I doing?  Need some encouragement right around now… !

11:58 am

Carding isn't as easy as it looks. You really have to know your fleece, and the kind of yarn you want to spin, to do this well.

Team Fibering Five's spinners.

Team Bountiful Bobbins.

11:50 am
Team Surfin’ Ewe S. A. are sporting tails today…

Team Treadling Lambs and a Ram.

The Sugar Valley Shepherds spinning away.

11:43 am
Wow, Farm Show Wi-Fi really isn’t very reliable.  Back up network engaged…

11:32 am
If I weren’t a blogger, I’d still be here today, doing this:

Knitting. A great way to watch F/S2S!

11:30 am
Want to join The Bountiful Bobbins team?  See below…

11:25 am

The Spinners of Team Wooly Workers.

A long shot of Team Surfin' Ewe S. A.

11:18 am
Another sheep has arrived – this is Team Fort Freeland Flickers‘ sheep, who absolutely refused to stay still.

See what I mean?

Ah, got one!

11:10 am

Great pic of Team Fibering Five, from their shawl display. Part of the team's score is based on these displays, which explain the theme, shawl, etc.

'Nuff said.

11:04 am

Spinner Tyler Shaw of The Fibering Five.

Here are the "cooks" from Team Wooly Workers.

Doesn't this look like fun? Team Treadling Lambs and a Ram are laughing and chatting it up.

10:59 am
These offices overlook the arena.  I bet it’s warm in there.  I bet they have a coffee machine, too.  Just sayin’.

But they'll still have to walk to the Food Court for potato donuts. Hah!

10:51 am
Closeup of Team Fibering Five‘s shawl:

10:47 am

Team Wooly Workers at the wheel.

And here come the sheep!  This is Sajani (sai -AH- nee), of Team Friends Thru Fiber, for the Sheep To Shawl competition later today.  “Sajani” means “beloved”, or “well-loved”.

So chic!

10:43 am
The other teams are starting to weave now…

Here's Alex Norris, the Ram of Treadling Lambs and a Ram.

Weaver Lia Schmittel of Surfin' Ewe S. A.

Love the encouraging signs on the back of Team Sugar Valley Shepherds' chairs!

10:34 am
The crowds are starting to gather around the perimeter of the arena…

I'm sure you remember David McFeely, superhero weaver of The Sugar Valley Shepherds. He's goin' strong!

Judge Susan Keslar Simpson is being... judge-y. I just made that word up.

10:26 am
The weaving begins… remember, these teams have 3 hours to complete their shawl.  Sounds like a lot of time, but it’s really not.

Team Bountiful Bobbins' weaver, Leah Martin.

Team Fibering Five's weaver, Jennifer Bauer.

Team Wooly Workers' weaver, Angela Villanueva.

10:20 am
I gotta say, watching these kids spin and card, and in a little while, weave, is really amazing.  What do you think?

Team Wooly Workers.

Team Surfin' Ewe S. A.

10:13 am
Bacon.  I smell bacon.  I already ate 2 potato donuts… but now I want bacon.

10:12 am

Team Bountiful Bobbins are starting to spin...

... and so are the Sugar Valley Shepherds.

10:07 am
The teams are being introduced to the spectators as they all begin carding their fleeces…

Treadling Lambs and a Ram carding their fleece.

Team Surfin' Ewe S. A.

10:02 am
“5… 4… 3… 2… 1… GO FOR IT!”  And they’re off!

10:01 am
The judges are making the rounds to the team displays…

This is Suzanne Fry, one of the 4 judges.

9:55 am
A view from the top:

... the top of the Small Arena, that is. It's nice and WARM up here!

A view from the bottom:

I took this from the stage... the closest I'll ever get to being seen on the Small Arena stage, for sure!

9:48 am
14 minutes to go until the competition starts.  If these kids are nervous at all, you wouldn’t know it by watching them.  They’re mingling with each other, chatting, viewing each other’s displays, laughing.  A very friendly atmosphere in the Small Arena today.

9:45 am
Ooooooooohhh… fleecy goodness…

Specifically, this is Team Wooly Workers' fleecy goodness.

A Mardi Gras spinning wheel:

A Team Fibering Five wheel.

9:38 am
The team captains have been called to the judges’ area for the Team Meeting.  This is when they get their last-minute instructions and all.

A few spectators have taken up the first rows of seats here in the arena… 20 minutes until show time!

9:35 am
The Bountiful Bobbins‘ theme is well realized in their display:

"Under The Deep Blue Sea"

A closeup of their shawl:

And here’s Team Wooly Workers… ready for bed!

9:30 am
The Sugar Valley Shepherds with their display:

9:16 am
How about some Breakfast in Bed with the Wooly Workers?  Gotta love that theme!

Eggs, bacon, waffles with whipped cream and berries... it's all here, in their shawl!!!

9:14 am
Team Treadling Lambs and a Ram‘s display is dedicated to their mentor Tina, who’s battling bladder cancer.  The shawl they’re weaving today is gorgeous, isn’t it?

And here’s their display – hard to get the whole thing, it’s so tall!

More of their display:

8:59 am

Welcome, Team Bountiful Bobbins! Here's their warp.

2 members of Team Surfin' Ewe S. A.

The Sugar Valley Shepherds pose with their practice shawl. Our heroes!

8:52  am
AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… I’m having serious issues with video.  I may not be able to post what I’m getting during the contests, but I’ll do what I can to load them tomorrow.  My apologies.  More pictures on the way…

8:48 am

Here's the warp for Team Treadling Lambs and a Ram.

Mardi Gras!

Surfin' Ewe S. A.'s entire area is decorated with safari animals and pith helmets.

8:34 am
Just spoke to Tom Knisely, co-coordinator of today’s events.  He is truly one of Central PA’s MVPs when it comes to fiber arts – visit him and/or take his classes at The Mannings.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

8:28 am
Welcome the 4-H Wooly Workers of Lebanon County!  Set up begins…

8:20 am
Team Fibering Five‘s warp – in Mardi Gras colors:


Surfin’ Ewe S. A.’s shawl display is almost ready:

They've gone with a Safari theme for their shawl.

8:11 am
I’m experiencing some technical difficulties with my pictures and videos… but meanwhile, The Sugar Valley Shepherds have arrived:

7:47 am
Team Fibering Five
warms up with some balloon volleyball.  The team is wearing shorts.  Shorts.  I’ll stop complaining now about the cold.

7:36 am
Well, here I am, in the Small Arena (it used to be the Sale Arena… when did that change?), setting up for the Fleece and Sheep To Shawl contests.  F2S team The Fibering Five are already here with their spinning wheels and looms.  And… I’m freezing.  As usual, the garage door directly in front of me is wide open and blowing cold air all over me.  Please, someone take pity on a poor blogger and have The Powers That Be close that door… please!!!

Remember, keep it here all day and hit that Refresh button every few minutes for the latest in F/S2S action.  It’s gonna be a great day!


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Who, What, Where, When, Why.

Notice anything new about this blog?  No???  Look again.  Forget it – just click here to view the new 2012 PA Farm Show page.  To get things going, I’ve packed it with all the F/S2S info you could possibly want.  Keep checking back for updates.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading up to lovely Loganton, PA for my interview with the Sugar Valley Shepherds… I can’t wait!

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Welcome Back To The 2010 PA Farm Show Fleece/Sheep To Shawl Contest!

6:30 pm
Here we go with the auction… !
Team Time Warp – $800
Team Treadlers Thru Time – $400
Team Friends Thru Fiber – $1300
Team Dream Weavers – $300
Team Butler County Pedalers – $400
Team Fort Freeland Flickers – $300
Team Bountiful Bobbins – $400
Team Warrior Run Weavers – $325
Team Twisted Treadlers – $475
Team Woolie Trekkers – $175

That’s all she wrote, everyone.  Thanks for tuning in… see ya soon!

6:14 pm
The teams are giving interviews… there’s a bigger crowd waiting to bid on the shawls… I love this part!

6:10 pm
Here we go… ! First a few words again from Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding…
Champion Shearer Award – Treadlers Thru Time’s Matt Geissinger
Fleece Award – Friends Thru Fiber
Team’s Choice – Treadlers Thru Time
Weavers Award – Dream Weavers’ Frances Appleman
Premium Spinning Award – Treadlers Thru Time’s Ellen Anderson, Irina Lawrence, and Shannon Snyder

5th Place – Butler County Pedalers
4th Place – Dream Weavers
3rd Place – Friends Thru Fiber
2nd Place – Treadlers Thru Time
1st Place – TIME WARP!!!

… now it’s time for the AUCTION!

5:56 pm
The awards part will be kind of a whirlwind.  I’ll grab pictures as I can…

5:54 pm
More finished shawls…

These are SO beautiful!

5:50 pm
Ten minutes ’til the Awards Ceremony.  Who will win this year?  Stay tuned… !

5:47 pm
Mmmmmmmm… chocolate milkshake…

5:40 pm
The teams are milling about, waiting for 6:00 pm for the big announcement.  This is a good time for a break… be right back!

5:38 pm
Maybe I misjudged.  The press this year have been awesome.  Not at all the mob scene that it was last year.  I’m officially done with this topic!

5:35 pm
OK, I know who these guys are  now.  It’s James Roxbury from Roxbury News, and also Harry Fisher and Arlene Martinez from some other paper of my acquaintance…

5:24 pm
So there’s this guy who’s set up next to me.  I think he’s from a news outlet, but I can’t tell which.  He’s got a really nice video camera, an even nicer Mac, and an iPhone all out on display.

I’m so jealous.

5:23 pm
And it’s OVER!  Team Friends Thru Fiber is now finished!  The judging will continue, and the awards ceremony will be at 6:00 pm.

5:20 pm
Team Treadlers Thru Time is now finished!  Go, Friends, go… !

5:16 pm
Team Dream Weavers is now finished!  3rd finished.  15 minutes to go…

5:15 pm
… and Team Friends Thru Fiber, finishing up… now off the loom!

5:09 pm
Team Treadlers Thru Time… almost there… !

5:04 pm
Team Butler County Pedalers are now finished!  Team Dream Weavers are almost there:

5:00 pm
Down to the wire!  Team Butler County Pedalers is finishing up:And Team Time Warp finishes first:

1st done: Team Time Warp!

4:55 pm
A fiber family:

Young and old, they’re all here watching…

Elaine, this one’s for you (and you know who you are!):

4:46 pm
Here they are… the shawl models!  I’m afraid I don’t know which is which, but they are Olivia Knisely and Alexandra Hartman.  Work it, girls!

They've been up and down the bleachers... in high heels, no less.

4:41 pm
This is not really a closeup of chocolate chip cookies, it’s Team Time Warp‘s sample shawl.  It makes me hungry.


4:37 pm
How about some shawl close-ups?

Team Butler County Pedalers' sample shawl.

Team Dream Weavers’ sample shawl.

4:32 pm
One hour to go!  My nose is so full of hay and sawdust and wool right now.  I want to sneeze… but I can’t.

4:30 pm

More of Team Time Warp.

More of Team Treadlers Thru Time.

4:27 pm
It’s oddly calm here right now.  The teams are working at a good clip, the audience is medium-sized and rather quiet… that must mean that the rest of the camera crews are on their way (I know I keep harping on this, but last year they were practically running people down to “get the shot” or “get the story”.  What can I say – people acting rude annoy me.)…

4:18 pm
Some of Team Friends Thru Fiber… spinspinspin…Some of Team Dream Weavers, spinspinspin…

4:14 pm
… looks like instead of a Sheep & Wool Princess, we have 2 models who are walking around, showing the audience what the finished shawls will look like. Mystery solved.

4:10 pm
I’ve been looking around, but I don’t see our Sheep & Wool Princess… anyone know who/where she is today?

4:07 pm

Team Dream Weavers' sheep, sans wool.

Team Time Warp's sheep, Bear, sans wool, too.

4:01 pm
Team Dream Weavers:
Carder Jeri Robinson-Lawrence of Team Treadlers Thru Time:

I love this team. They haven't stopped smiling and laughing since the contest started!

3:54 pm

Weaver Michelle Lushbaugh of Team Friends Thru Fiber.

Weaver Libby Beiler of Team Time Warp.

3:46 pm
Crowd shot:

Closeup of Team Treadlers Thru Time's shawl.

3:39 pm
Team Treadlers Thru Time’s weaver, Tina Volz, on carding duty:

… and the lovely ladies of Team Butler County Pedalers:

3:34 pm
As I mentioned before, there are a lot of camera news crews here.  If someone sees me on TV tonight, please let me know… but only if I don’t look dorky.

3:32 pm

Spinners Ivy Allgeier and Kathy Dashner from Team Time Warp.

3:28 pm

2 of the 3 spinners of Team Friends Thru Fiber.

Weaver Frances Appleman of Team Dream Weavers

3:22 pm
Team Butler County Pedalers‘ weaver Donna Fike.  BTW, she’s doing this in bare feet… in January… brave woman.

3:20 pm
Team Dream Weavers:

Spinners Abby Schrack, Carol Chaapel, and Joanna Smith, and carder Wayne Appleman

Team Time Warp:

3:15 pm
… and they’re OFF!

Team Friends Thru Fiber, carding.

Team Treadlers Thru Time, laughing away!

3:10 pm
Team Friends Thru Fiber – 4th done shearing.

Team Butler County Pedalers – 5th done shearing.

You go, girl! Megan Guterkunst of Butler County Pedalers.

3:06 pm
Team Treadlers Thru Time – 1st done shearing.
Team Time Warp – 2nd done shearing.

Team Time Warp in action.

Team Dream Weavers – 3rd done shearing.

3:02 pm
Belly up!

2:57 pm
Getting ready…

2:55 pm
The news crews are here… hmmmm, early this year…
5 minutes to go…

2:50 pm
Whew!!! OK, the teams are getting ready…

2:47 pm
Team Butler County Pedalers‘ shawl description:
In contemplating the weaving of a shawl, I am transported back in time to an era when women owned very little that showed their feminine side.  I imagine a woman sitting next to the fire in the cool of the evening spinning at her wheel the threads that she will weave into a piece of cloth to be clothing for a family member.  Her hands have been busy all day long outside weeding the garden, tending children and feeding the animals.  She knows what hard work is and yet she has still found a way to show her feminine side.  I am drawn to the shawl across her shoulders, it is LACEY!  How feminine!! It is a beautiful had woven shawl from her very own hands, of her favorite pattern.  Her shawl shows her personal taste as well as her skill in spinning and weaving.  That shawl, the one I see in my mind, will be this year’s entry.  It is white on white, the warp handspun by a team member, a lovely diagonal eight shaft huck lace pattern as our weave structure.

2:46 pm
Team Friends Thru Fiber‘s shawl description:
This year we named our friendship shawl “naturally beautiful”.  It just naturally goes with any outfit, of any color, for any occasion-from casual to formal wear.  We picked out the dark areas from a spotted Jacob sheep to spin our threads for the warp.  The slightly lighter Corriedale weft allows the basket weave and herringbone pattern to stand out.  Watch as our home-spun threads twist and turn to create a garment that is surprisingly, naturally beautiful.

2:44 pm
Team Treadlers Thru Time‘s shawl description:
Pennsylvania Skies: We are using Pennsylvania Blue Face Leicester wool from Ava and Bonnie (owned by the son of Shannon Snyder and kept at a member’s farm (Ellen Anderson).  The warp is dyed after being spun to get a soft variegated effect that looks like the skies over Pennsylvania.  Along with the white warp threads we created an easy-on-the-eye appearance reminiscent of a pleasant summer sky.  The weave structure is our own.  We have assigned each letter of our name, Treadlers thru Time, a number value.  These numbers were used to thread the warp through the loom.  Every other thread is white to give it the slight appearance of a loosely woven overshot.  The soft handle of the Blue Face Leicester wool invites you to wrap yourself in a summer Pennsylvania Sky.

2:43 pm
Team Time Warp‘s shawl description:
Of all the states in the union, Pennsylvania has the most state symbols: a bird, mammal, fish, dog, tree, flower, insect….even a cookie, to name a few.  Our team has based its shawl design around one of these symbols: our state bird, the Ruffed Grouse.  This small game bird lends itself well to the design of a shawl with its striking barred wing and tail patterns and beautiful natural shades of tans, browns, grays and black.  The natural colored warp is a combination of Romney/Montadale, Border Leicester, and Blue Faced Leicester/Cotswold.  Our weft will be provided by Bear, a silver/grey Shetland wether and a five year veteran competitor here at the Farm Show!

2:41 pm
Team Dream Weavers‘ shawl description:
The idea for this shawl was born in the beauty of early spring in the Pennsylvania forests, when the dogwood blossoms dance across the lacework of still-bare twigs.  Plain-weave dogwood flowers stand out against a background of Bronson lace in a pattern  based on Margaret Gaynes Dogwood Placemats.  The warp is a handspun, natural colored Shetland fleece from Pairodox Farm, Clinton County, PA and a Shetland ewe from the same farm is providing the weft.  The finished shawl is light but warm, perfect for any Pennsylvania season!  The proceeds from our shawl are being donated to Camp Victory, Millville, PA; a non-profit camp for children with special needs.

2:39 pm
OK, I’ve got information about how the judging is done, but there’s no way I’ll be able to type all that here before the contest starts.  I’ll post that either late tonight or tomorrow, I promise.

2:34 pm

This is one of Friends Thru Fiber's chairs. Many teams make sitting for 3 hours look very comfy.

2:29 pm
Hmmmm… looking around for the Sheep To Shawl pamphlets.  In the meantime,

Fort Freeland Flickers, Woolie Trekkers shawls on display.

Warrior Run Weavers, Twisted Treadlers, and Bountiful Bobbins shawls on display.

2:21 pm
It’s so nice… so many people have stopped over to introduce themselves and to thank me for the blog.

2:18 pm
Team Dream Weavers‘ display:
Team Friends Thru Fiber’s display:

2:10 pm
Team Time Warp‘s display:

I can't do this display justice - it's interactive! Very cool!

2:04 pm
Team Butler County Pedalers display:

And their sheep!
1:59 pm

Team representatives are being called up for the Team Meeting…

1:56 pm
Team Treadlers Thru Time‘s display:


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Welcome to the 2010 PA Farm Show Fleece/Sheep To Shawl Contest!

1:48 pm
Let me just say, these kids in the Fleece To Shawl Contest are the nicest, most wonderful bunch ever.  The Fort Freeland Flickers just came over to thank me for doing my bloggy thing today.  I’m still blushing.

1:42 pm
OK, I’m going to start a new post for the Sheep To Shawl Contest in just a bit.  But just one more picture:

The winners, for the 3rd year in a row: Fort Freeland Flickers!

1:30 pm
And the winners of the 3rd Annual Youth Fleece To Shawl Contest are…

(First some words from our Secretary of Agriculture Russell Redding)
Fleece Award:  Fort Freeland Flickers
Teams Choice Award:  Twisted Treadlers
Weavers Award:  Warrior Run Weavers
Premium Spinning Group Award:  Twisted Treadlers
5th Place:  Woolie Trekkers
4th Place:  Twisted Treadlers
3rd Place:  Warrior Run Weavers
2nd Place:  Bountiful Bobbins
1st Place:  Fort Freeland Flickers

1:26 pm
Almost time to announce the winners… the crowds are gathering again…

1:18 pm
Team Time Warp’s sheep is in da house!

Bear the Shetland

1:10 pm
There’s no doubt about it.  Everything tastes better at the Farm Show.

1:03 pm
The arena floor is almost completely bare – amazing how quickly the teams moved their gear out.  The crowds are ebbing and flowing through the space.  The Fleece To Shawl team members are off in the stands, talking to friends and curious bystanders. And I’m starving.  There’s a sweet potato calling to me…

12:51 pm
The Fleece To Shawl teams are cleaning up, the judges are still judging… and I need a little break… be right back!

12:48 pm
Team Warrior Run Weavers are finished!  The contest is OVER!  Judging and awards presentation is at 1:30 pm.

12:47 pm
Thirteen minutes left to the contest.  Go, Warriors, go!!!

12:45 pm
Just a note – I saw a lot of videotaping going on for some of these teams.  I don’t know what they’re planning to do with it, but maybe a quick search on YouTube in the next few days might show some live Fleece To Shawl action.

12:40 pm
… and Team Bountiful Bobbins is finished!

Team Warrior Run Weavers is almost done…

The whole team is helping to fringe their shawl.

12:35 pm
Team Bountiful Bobbins is almost done…

Finishing up the shawl... almost there...

12:33 pm
The judges are judging…

12:29 pm
Team Twisted Treadlers are finished!  Third team done!

12:26 pm
Another neighbor is safely penned… this is Team Dream Weaver’s sheep:

12:22 pm
Some comedian in the stands behind me has a light pen, and is having a grand ol’ time shining the thing right onto my computer screen.  Sigh.

12:19 pm
Team Woolie Trekkers is finished!  Second one done!

12:18 pm
Team Fort Freeland Flickers is finished!  First one done!

12:14 pm
Long shot of Team Bountiful Bobbins:
Same for Team Twisted Treadlers:

12:13 pm
Team Fort Freeland Flickers is finishing up… !

12:10 pm
YESSSSSSS!!! A spectator just asked me if I knew where the butter sculpture was!!!

12:08 pm

Team Twisted Treadlers shawl

Team Fort Freeland Flickers shawl

12:04 pm
Let’s try this again…

Team Warrior Run Weavers shawl. The weave pattern looks like tractor tire tracks - very cool.

12:00 pm

Yep, having technical difficulties… just lost a whole post with pictures.  Please stand by… oh, and I was mistaken before.  There is  now 1 more hour to go before this contest is over.

11:44 am
Carder Jen Bauer of Team Twisted Treadlers:
Team Bountiful Bobbins, measuring up:

11:35 am
BAAAAAAAAAAA!!! More neighbors are moving in – Team Friends Thru Fiber‘s sheep Tiger Lily is checking out her quarters…

Check out her babushka!

11:30 am
Team Woolie Trekkers pedalin’ away… !

OK, it's a silly shot, but I love the toe socks on the left.

11:24 am
I must look very official sitting here at my computer.  A very perky girl with PCN emblazoned across her chest just came over to ask my permission to enter the arena.  I told her to ask the organizers… hee hee hee

11:21 am
A couple of spectators were talking about the kids just now.
“I heard this is a practice for the Sheep To Shawl contest.”

I corrected them:
“No no no no no no no!  This is a real competition!!!”

11:16 am

Carder Kyle Whitmoyer of Team Warrior Run Weavers:

11:13 am
Today’s judges (3 out of 4 of ’em):  Kathy Davidson, Kris Peters, and Susan Whitnell. I’ll try to get Tom Calvert’s pic later…

11:07 am
Weaver Luciano Abbarno of Team Woolie Trekkers:
Carder Rachael Stoner and weaver Daisey Bresin of Team Bountiful Bobbins:

11:01 am
There’s a nice crowd watching the kids do their fleecy thing.  Once in a while you hear a group of spectators cheer their team on.  One hour down, one hour to go…

10:58 am
The judges are walking around, making notes about the kids’ work…

10:56 am
Weaver Alex Norris of Team Twisted Treadlers:
David Weaver (carder), Katy Watson (spinner), and Erin Webster (weaver) of Fort Freeland Flickers:

10:45 am
Team Warrior Run Weavers spinners:  Blyss Bieber, Abby Heggenstaller, and Lydia Smith.

10:42 am
Team Woolie Trekkers not only look cool, they’re acting cool.  They’re just doing their thing, chatting and laughing with each other – just as it should be.

10:38 am
Weaver Erin Webster of Team Fort Freeland Flickers.

10:35 am
Here’s a great shot of one of the Bountiful Bobbins‘ spinners in action.  This is NOT easy, although she makes it look like she’s been doing this forever (maybe she has… ?).

10:31 am
The lovely spinners of Team Twisted Treadlers:  Ashley Shaw, Irina Lawrence, and Megan Klawitter (but probably not in that order):10:26 am
Just look at the colors of Team Bountiful Bobbins shawl!

This is Daisey Bresin, weaver for Team Bountiful Bobbins.

10:23 am
Please, everyone, send good vibes my way so that I won’t have any technical difficulties.  My computer is acting slooooooower than usual.  It’s scaring me.

10:19 am

The Woolie Trekkers are at the wheel... ? Helm... ?

10:18 am

Team Fort Freeland Flickers.

Emily Smith, Team Warrior Run Weavers weaver.

10:13 am
I’m happy to report that this year, the large garage doors off the Sales Arena are blissfully CLOSED.  Last year they left them open, and the wind blew through our little area all day… yeeeesh.  Much better this year (still chilly, though…).

10:02 am
And they’re off!  Teams are carding their fleece, some spinning has begun as well.

Team Bountiful Bobbins carding away.

All member of Twisted Treadlers are carding.

9:56 am
4 minutes to go to the start of the Fleece to Shawl contest!

9:49 am
Oh… I forgot to mention, keep hitting that Refresh button to get my latest posts!

9:46 am
Just got a copy of the Fleece To Shawl contest’s pamphlet.  It lists the team bios (which I’ve got on the 2010 PA Farm Show page), shawl descriptions (which I’ll post at some point), and a great explanation of the contest and how it’s judged.  I’ll post that at some point, too, but it may not be until after the contest – too much typing!

9:45 am
Team Warrior Run Weavers:
Team Bountiful Bobbins relax before the contest:

9:33 am
Team Warrior Run Weavers‘ display:

"Farming In Pennsylvania"

Team Woolie Trekkers display:

"The Final Frontier". The kids are wearing Star Trek costumes... how cool is that???

9:17 am
The display for Team Twisted Treadlers:

Autumn In Pennsylvania

… and Team Fort Freeland Flickers with their display:

Their theme is "Pennsylvania Barns"

9:07 am
So I thought I was going to run all the way to the other side of the Farm Show to hit the Food Court before the Fleece To Shawl contest started.  I was deluded.  Even now, with the light crowds and slower pace of a Farm Show morning, there’s just no way I’m gonna haul myself over there.  So I’ll do as I did last year – make do with the mini Food Court on this side of the place.  Mmmmmm… powdered potato doughnuts…

8:53 am

Team Twisted Treadlers' loom

8:50 am
My first neighbor of the day has arrived…

This is Team Treadlers Thru Time's sheep.

8:40 am
Team East Berlin Bountiful Bobbins‘s display makes me think of warmer days.

They're going with a Garden theme for their shawl - beautiful!

8:30 am
Team Fort Freeland Flickers are setting up…

They were last year's Fleece To Shawl champs

8:17 am
Good morning, fellow sheep, shawl, and all things fiber-y lovers out there.  I’m here in the Sales Arena at the Farm Show complex, setting up for the days events.  The Fleece To Shawl teams are arriving and setting up, as well.  There’s a definite “calm before the storm” feeling in here.  Get ready for a great day!


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