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Happier Knitter.

Time for an update.  When last we checked in with yarnyMarni, she was feeling very sorry for herself for a number of reasons.  How’s she doing now?

  • I still have to re- bind-off my Skew socks, but I don’t feel too bad about that anymore.  Just have to sit down and do it already.  I think once I finish that, I’ll have the drive to figure out what I’m going to knit for the summer.  I’m thinking a shrug or a shawl.
  • Time helps put a certain perspective on things, doesn’t it?  My thyroid issues are no longer worrying me… well, at least not until the next round of ultrasound imaging.  It is what it is, I know the nodules are there, my doctors know they’re there, and knowing is more than half the battle.  Whatever happens next, I’ll face it.
  • My job is still very stressful, but lately it’s been more manageable somehow.  Friends and coworkers have been very helpful making it so.  Hope it stays that way for a while.
  • Absolutely LOVING the bird-watching.  If you’re of a mind, check out this gorgeous post from fellow blogger Allie Duthie, and any post from The Two-Fisted Birdwatcher.
  • My knee is doing a lot better after a month of rest and a few physical therapy sessions.  Nothing’s wrong with it – no stress fractures or arthritis – I just have to limit my activity a bit and take it slow with the training.  My goal is to run a 5 or 7K by the end of August.

Next post should actually include some knitting… bear with me while I crawl towards a new project!

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Excerpt From yarnyMarni’s Brain.







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The Thankful Edition.

What is it about getting older that makes us (read: me) feel the need to ponder the meaning of Thanksgiving?  I was sitting at work this morning and out of nowhere, I just started listing things that I’ve been thankful for lately.  And so, in no particular order:

  • … for my plans to spend the rest of the week with my family in NJ;
  • … that, late last week, my brain kicked into high speed and I was able to figure out a very complex coding project at work;
  • … for my husband, for too many things to list (but especially for putting up with me.  The man’s a saint.);
  • … for my knitting abilities… and limitations:

    ... and a pattern emerges! This is actually sideways, but you get the gist.

  • … for Facebook, because I didn’t realize how much I missed my childhood friends until I found them again;
  • … for friends who invite me on day-long shopping trips;
  • … for my daughter’s enthusiasm and excitement when she tries on a newly-finished knitted sock.

    The Travel Project, still in progress since last month. Might actually be done this weekend.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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What Is It About Socks… ?

First Norfolk Rambler finished!

Do you know how hard it is to take pictures of your own feet?

Check out the diamonds on the toes!

Here's that Welsh heel. Glad I didn't give up on learning this new technique. And it's quite comfy!


What is it about sock knitting that’s so rewarding?  I love knitting just about everything, but there’s something about making your way through each section of a sock that’s just… so… comforting.  When I first attempted the knitted sock back in 2007, I thought the whole process was so elusive and mysterious – very much the “If-I-can-knit-socks-I-can-knit-anything” mentality.  It may have lost some of the original mystique, but none of the joy or sense of accomplishment when I’m wearing the finished product, or when my family wears theirs.  I’ve heard other knitters say that they don’t knit socks because they don’t want to spend time on something that no one will see.  I look at it like beautiful lingerie – no one else may see it, but I know it’s there.  And sometimes that’s enough.

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Hurricane Preparedness Tips.

If you’re addicted to social media/news/smartphones like me, you already know that today, there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds: how to prepare for Irene‘s imminent visit.  May I offer my own suggestions?

  1. Go to the supermarket and stock up on the necessities.  These include, but are not limited to:  ice cream, Oreos, potato chips, Kraft dinner, beer.  Corona is a good choice for achieving that late summer, hurricane vibe.
  2. Put some gas in the car.  Be prepared to actually have to wait to get to a pump (unbelievably, here in Central PA, there were lines at the pump.  I don’t get it.).
  3. Go to your local Borders bookstore, which is in the process of closing, and pick up whatever’s left of the knitting books for a song.  You’ll need something to read if/when you get tired of knitting.  Notice the word “if” is italicized… for extra emphasis.  ‘Cuz, y’know, it’s not likely this will occur, but stranger things have happened.  Like hurricanes in Pennsylvania.
  4. In order to wait out the storm comfortably, make absolutely sure you have what you need for long-term knitting.  Otherwise, get thee to a LYS.  The money you saved buying only junk in #1 above will be put to good use now.
  5. Get a gas generator.  In the event of a power failure, let’s face it:  no one likes to knit by candlelight.  And forget flashlights – they’re only good for finding your way to the bathroom without tripping over the cat or your child’s shoes.

I hope this was helpful.


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