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Sweater News.

I’ve been meaning to post for… yeah, about 2 weeks now.  And every time I meant to post, I said the same thing to myself:  “Keep knitting.  You can post later.”  The good news is that I’m getting a LOT done with my knitting.  The bad news is that you might have thought I was done with you, dear reader, after the excitement of the Fleece To Shawl/Sheep To Shawl Contest coverage.  Not so.

So let’s see… you already know about the pink SWTC socks (not so much fun to knit, but I do love wearing them).  And I think I mentioned that I knit yet another pair of Maine Morning Mitts for our dear friend and babysitter… in the exact same colorway as mine… sigh.  Then I knit a pair of socks for my daughter.  I’ve been using the same pattern and yarn for her socks with great success (sorry, no picture for these… yet).  

So now I’m finally working on my daughter’s sweater.  It’s a simple raglan rollneck (scroll down to Pattern #21), but if you remember, the hard part (for me) will be designing my own picture on the front.  Since I haven’t tried any intarsia yet, this is a little daunting.  I bought some graph paper, but I can’t figure out how to… use it.  Usually these things are pretty intuitive for me, but not this time.  What makes it worse is that the picture I have in mind is really pretty simple:  a block letter H with a circle around it.  How hard can this be???

Well, I found out this week, it’s not hard at all if you have the right resources.  I made a new knitting friend – the wife of one of my coworkers who’s also an avid knitter with a great deal of intarsia experience – offered her help (thank you, Kristin!!!).  And, I found this great book, which explains intarsia methods very clearly, has great diagrams, and really great patterns.  So, I’ve already knitted the back of this sweater, and I’m almost done with the 2nd sleeve, and then, I promise, I’ll take pictures of my intarsia progress.  In the meantime, you can content yourselves with a picture of my girl.100_0100

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Countdown To Change.

No no no, not that change.  That’s too obvious, and many, many people have been writing about it these past few days.  I could write about it, believe me, but that wasn’t my intent, and I’m sure you’ve read enough about it by now.

Change is coming:  I’m about 30 minutes away from finishing my 3rd pair of these:

Maine Morning Mitts... again.

Maine Morning Mitts... again. For Daughter's babysitter, who deserves a pair.

… which means I can finally start my daughter’s pullover that I’ve been planning for… 3 months.  I absolutely have to knit that thing, but I’ve been a little scared of it because I have to design my own intarsia for it, which I’ve never done.  I mean, how hard can it be?  All I need is to find some knitter’s graph paper, which has eluded me all this time.  But soon I won’t have any mitts to hide behind – I will find some graph paper and I will knit that sweater.  I just hope I can knock it out before spring…

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Closing Ceremonies.

Today was the final day of the 2009 PA Farm Show.  I didn’t head over there today, nor did I catch any footage of the closing ceremonies.  I commemorated the event at home, watching movies with my daughter.  I always feel kind of sad when Farm Show Week is over, and this one is the best I’ve been to so far.  Well, there’s always next year to look forward to.  With that in mind, I’ll give you one more picture from the Sheep To Shawl contest:  

That's me in the corner.  That's me in the spotlight...

That's me in the corner. That's me in the spotlight...

Libby Beiler, weaver for Team Time Warp, sent this picture to me today, which was taken by her husband just before the shearing began (if I’m not mistaken).  From left to right:  Christine Flanagan (weaver for Team Two Rams, Two Lambs, Ewe & Me), yarnyMarni, Carl Geissinger (Time Warp‘s shearer) holding Eva the Sheep, Libby Beiler (weaver), and Jeff Johnstonbaugh (carder).  It’s the only picture taken of the day with me in it!  Many thanks to Libby for sending this to me.

Now I’ll segue back into my yarn habit with a story…

My daughter has ballet lessons every Saturday morning, which is very exciting for both of us.  She gets to leap and sashay and plie with lots of adorable little ballerinas, and I get 45 minutes of knitting to look forward to.  Today, I hadn’t even completed one round on my 3rd pair of fingerless mitts (these are for Daughter’s babysitter, who’s pretty much part of the family now) when one of the other moms started asking me about it.  She said she had learned to knit long ago but “probably couldn’t remember anything now.”  I pulled out my spare needles and yarn that I keep in my bag for just such occasions and asked, “Wanna give it a try?”  She was off and running in less than 5 minutes of coaching – she may even have a scarf project ready to start by next week, which I said I’d help her with.  Then another mom came hurrying in with her daughter, late after missing the exit off I-81.  Annemarie was my scheduled knitting lesson of the morning, and as soon as her daughter was ushered into the studio, she plopped down next to me, got some needles and yarn out of her bag… and again, 5 minutes later, she was casting on and then knitting like she’d been doing this forever.  When our daughters came running out after their lesson, Annemarie was beaming.  “This is so great!  I can’t wait until next week!”

Neither can I!

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What’s In Store.

I am SO… blah.  Unmotivated.  Uninspired.  And unable to get past it.  It’s the darn socks, I tell you.  This knitting socks on 2 circular needles thing is really not for me, I guess.  But I must continue, I must persevere, because here’s what’s waiting for me:

  • More socks.  For Daughter and for me (Husband will get more, too.  I just don’t have the yarn for him yet.).  Can you guess which method I’ll be going back to?
  • A rollneck sweater for Daughter, with a twist.  The pattern is very straightforward, but I want to try some intarsia by knitting her school logo – an “H” with a circle around it – on the front.  It’s not the idea of intarsia that’s tripping me up here, it’s the placement of said “H”.  I think the way to go about this is to buy some knitter’s graph paper and plot it out.  But if anyone can think of a better way of doing this, PLEASE let me know!
  • Husband really likes the Meandering Rib Scarf by Lion Brand Yarn.  Husband also really likes my fingerless mitts, but not quite so colorful, so he’s going to get a pair of those made from black Alpaca yarn… yummy.
  • A lace shawl.  It’s been waiting for me for almost a year.  It has “January knitting” written all over it.

Yikes, my queue’s out-of-control!  If only I could knit like this woman, I’d… well, I’d have a lot more to wear this year than I do right now.

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(Not) Keeping Up.

I’m here, I’m here… 

I’ve been shaken out of my bloggy slump by Susan, who asked:

“Are you the person blogging From the Farm show last January?  If so, will you be back this year?”

Susan, thank you for asking, because I’ve been thinking about the Sheep To Shawl Contest quite a bit lately.  If all goes as I expect it to, yes, I’ll be back at the Farm Show this (next) year.  And, I’ll be covering the Kid’s S2S Contest as well as the adult version, with pictures.  I’m hoping that Santa reads this and DECIDES THAT I’M WORTHY OF A NEW CAMERA THIS YEAR (subtle, aren’t I?).

So… how’s everyone doing?  How’s everyone’s knitting/crocheting/quilting/spinning/fiber-arty things going?  Mine’s going well, thank you, although a bit slowly lately.  Between a hectic work schedule and a hectic 3-year old, I’ve been… gasp!… too tired to knit much.  But… I did finish Wrapper’s Delight:

Want a lot of compliments?  Knit this cardi.

Want a lot of compliments? Knit this cardi.

And a pair of awesome fingerless mitts:

I looooove Noro Kureyon.

I looooove Noro Kureyon.

Right now I’m working on a pair of socks for myself.  I’m trying out the Cat Bordhi method of knitting socks on 2 circular needles.  It’s okay… I’m not completely sold on the method, although I do love being able to try on the sock as I go along.  It’s nice learning something new, but… what can I say, I love my Lantern Moon Sox Stix – they’re just so comforting to work with somehow.

So, wanna hear a funny story?  

About a month or two ago, I was contacted by Jaime Guthals, segment producer for Knitting Daily TV.  They were doing a new segment on the show where they talk about a published pattern, then show examples of it by real-world knitters (different colors used, different dimensions, different yarn used… you get the idea).  The first pattern they were featuring was Eunny Jang’s Spectrum Scarf, and would I be so kind as to send mine along to the studio for them to use on the show (ARE YOU KIDDING???  YES!!!)?  But first I had to get the scarf back from my project manager, who, as you may recall, is giving it to his wife as a Christmas gift.  Bob was happy to oblige, and now… I’m a Famous Knitter!  The episode is supposed to be airing in January, so if you’re lucky enough to get Knitting Daily TV on your local PBS station (I’m not, ironically), tune in and check out my/Bob’s wife’s scarf.

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