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Another Successful KDO, Another Successful Heel Turn.

Day 2 of Knitter’s Day Out:

7:30 am:  Left the house an hour before my first class, fearing that I’d get stuck on I-81S again.  Thankfully, there was absolutely no traffic at that hour, which consequently made me 45 minutes early to campus.  Made my way to the classroom and thought I’d knit on the Norfolk Ramblers a bit, but instead, chatted with other early birds until class began.  Shadow Knitting was a lot of fun, and easier than I thought.  It might be a little tricky for me to create my own illusion patterns, but at least I’m more familiar with the technique now.

11:30 am:  Lunch!  Gotta hand it to the KDO Organizers, they treat their students REAL WELL.  The food was excellent!

12:00 pm:  Strolled the Market again.  Went back to some of the vendors from last night to chat with them and take some pictures:

Sweitzers Countryside Yarn Shop:

Beautiful display - rustic and homey, it just draws you in.

Sweitzers had their yarn in Mason jars... I love it!

Fluffy U Fiber Farm:

These artisans spin yarn from the fleece of animals on their farm. No artificial ingredients!

Don't believe me? All of Fluffy U's yarn was labeled like this. Personally, I love knowing exactly what kind of wool is in my yarn.

Dancing Leaf Farm:

DLF has the most gorgeously dyed yarn. Wish I had a LOT more to spend at the Market today...

Dancing Leaf also had these needle felted scarf kits... wow!

Alpacas of York:

This is Sheri from AoY, carding some alpaca fleece. At least I think this is carding. I never saw it done like this before!

Alpaca of York roving. Makes me want to attempt the spindle again.

I also had a picture of Gerry from Dyed Bright Here, but for some reason I’m having trouble downloading it.  We chatted as she spun some beautiful pink and gray roving that her daughter dyed.

1:00 pm:  2nd class, Crochet for Knitters.  It was so nice to be in a room full of smart, talented knitters who, like me, knew NOTHING about crochet.  Some of these crochet stitches were confounding at first, but I got a lot of practice during class, and I think I can single, double, and triple crochet with the best of ’em now.  Not planning on giving up the knitting needles for a hook, but VERY glad I took this class!

4:00 pm:  One last stop at one of Central PA’s most revered yarn vendors to buy some sundries, then… home.

All in all, a very successful KDO.  Many, many thanks to the organizers for all their hard work and dedication to this conference – I truly hope they know how much they are appreciated.

And now… back to the Norfolk Ramblers:

Since I refuse to allow this crazy heel turn to defeat me, I decided to do some research. Turns out that this pattern is describing a Welsh Heel, which creates a pocket that’s more square than the commonly-knit round heel.  The YOs in this case don’t create holes in the work, which is what I had assumed would happen because… that’s what YOs do.  Create holes.  Decorative ones, for lacey things, as I’m sure you know.  Maybe when I first tried this heel turn, I misread the instructions or something, because my 2nd attempt was much better:

See the cool "seams"?

So yay!  Moving on to the heel gusset… oh, and my Tilli Tomas Symphony Lace is on its way!

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What’s New.

Welcome back from the holidays, everyone – hope they were calmer and more peaceful than mine.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a fantastic couple of weeks, but not terribly restful.  I finished the pink socks:

SWTC TOFUtsies.  Very pink.

SWTC TOFUtsies. Very pink.

I took a lot of pictures WITH MY NEW CAMERA (these are two of ’em):

Handmade ornament by Val.

Handmade ornament by Val.

Daughter on Christmas Day.  The expression says it all.

Daughter on Christmas Day. The expression says it all.

I went to an awesome Hanukkah party:

My niece really liked my new camera.

My niece really liked my new camera.

I learned  how Crayola crayons are made:

Be honest... did your crayon box look like this when you were little?  Mine did.

Be honest... did your crayon box look like this when you were little? Mine did.

And I visited The Mannings, to buy yarn and plug my live-blog event:

The Big Red Barn at The Mannings.

The Big Red Barn at The Mannings.

The Conewago Creek at The Mannings.

The Conewago Creek at The Mannings.

Today I went back to work.  Husband went back to work.  And Daughter went back to school.  One of us had a terrific day… wanna guess who?

Seriously, she had a great day.

Seriously, she had a great day.

I’ve got nothing new about the Sheep To Shawl Contest, except that I officially have the day off from work.  I’m going to try to visit some more LYSs to plug the event (well, my blogging event, really).  So if you’re a LYS in Central PA, look out – I’m comin’, and I need sock yarn.

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