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The Next Knitting Challenge: Sparkle!

When last we heard from her, yarnyMarni was eagerly awaiting a weekend of new yarn, new patterns, and new needles, to properly kick off the early Spring that seems to have embraced the tri-state area.  Let’s catch up with her now and see what exciting things she’s created:

Oh dear...

I had such lofty goals of starting The Cider House Rules Vest last weekend, but it was not to be.  You see, there was a yarn issue.  The pattern calls for Classic Elite‘s Mistral (85% pima cotton, 15% superfine alpaca).  Sounds nice, huh?  Well, I’m sure it was… but it’s discontinued now.  So I need to substitute, and this is always challenging for me, because choosing a suitable alternate that’ll have similar hand, drape, and gauge is kind of hard when you’re not familiar with every yarn on the market.  So I called in Dori The Expert, who, after asking me about my preferences, recommended Tahki YarnsCotton Classic Lite (100% mercerized cotton).  However, she didn’t have enough of the stuff on hand in any color to begin the project, and would order whatever color I wanted… after she returned from her vacation.  In Hawaii.  Sometime next week.  But I could, of course, get my gauge swatch going in any color she had that pleased me.  I liked the blue… see above.  I’m certain, though, that my husband will not choose blue for his vest.  Stay tuned as we ponder over shades of gray and green.

Meanwhile, I’ve had time to think about the next project for me.  I still love the Primavera Cardigan and the Satin Ribbons Tee, but recently I’ve been re-introduced to Sparkle:


This seriously gorgeous dress, designed by Shirley Paden, was published back in 2007 in Vogue Knitting‘s Silver Anniversary issue.  After reading some amazing success stories about knitting this thing on Ravelry, I started thinking that maybe… if I was really diligent… I could knit this up in time for a big party I’m attending next month.  I mean, I knit not one, but two Lace Jackets in a month, so I could pull this off in about a month also, right?  Wellllllllllllllll… probably not, mainly because my LYSs don’t carry the yarn – Skacel Collection, Inc.‘s Karat (rayon/polyester metallic).  But… this would look really good on me… and Lord knows, no one else would be wearing anything remotely like it to said party…

Anyone know where I can get 14 skeins of Karat super-fast?

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The Rhinebeck Sweater.

Back in May, my LYS-Away-From-Home was having a Grand Reopening celebration, and they had 8 different lottery drawings for yarn and pattern booklets and things like that.  I showed up just in time to drop my raffle tickets into a couple of the prize buckets… and guess what???  I didn’t win. But my mom won, and she gave me her prize – 10 skeins of this gorgeous yarn along with the Debbie Bliss Glen pattern book:

This yarn is wonderfully soft. But what will it become... ?

And now Rhinebeck is upon us.  Surely I need a Rhinebeck Sweater… I mean, everyone’s knitting one right now, or so it seems, according to Ravelry and Twitter and… well, everyone.  So here’s mine:

The Cable Detail Sweater, from my Glen pattern book.


… and here’s how far along I am:

This WILL be my Rhinebeck Sweater... in 2012.

No, I’m not going to Rhinebeck this year.  I’ll be in NYC with my daughter, celebrating all things American Girl.  But next year, I will attend Rhinebeck… wearing this sweater.

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Colorado, One Year Later.

**NOTE**:  This post is mostly not about knitting.  There’s a fiber-y mention further down, but this is basically a reflection.  There is more to me than yarn.  I think.

Last year at this time, when I wasn’t blogging, my husband and I were getting ready for a whirlwind weekend trip to Beaver Creek, CO, to attend a wedding. There was a lot of planning, shopping (new dress, shoes, jewelry… you know the drill), schedule arranging, cleaning (my mom was coming into town to stay with my daughter, after all)… all for a 3-day jaunt.  There was also some Googling for a Beaver Creek LYS… but more about that later.

We flew out of Harrisburg and landed in Newark, NJ to apparently pick up the rest of the wedding guests, including my brother, SIL, and niece, who we’d be traveling the rest of the way with.  We then flew straight to Denver, where upon landing and riding a shuttle to the rental car, I surveyed the distant Rockies and proclaimed, “They’re not as big as I thought they’d be.

Those words would haunt me in less than an hour when the 5 of us were riding through Denver in our rented SUV, local radio station(s) blaring, toward said Rockies… sadly, I don’t have any pictures of our treacherous yet outrageously scenic ride.  But for those of you who think that CO’s only interesting in the winter, I’d highly recommend seeing it in the fall when the aspen trees burn golden against the rocks and sky.

We arrived at the resort in time to catch the wedding party heading out for the rehearsal dinner hoedown (really.  They had a hoedown).  My husband and I, however, decided to forego those festivities to celebrate our 8-year anniversary at Vin 48.  We ate in front of their floor-to-ceiling sliding doors and were treated to a magnificent view of the mountains.  I suppose this is obvious at this point of the story, but having never been to CO, all of this grandeur was overwhelming, and exciting, and breathtaking… and cold. Because unlike Harrisburg in early October, Beaver Creek was really, really chilly.  We were a tad unprepared.

The next morning was filled with different activities for whoever wanted to participate:  hiking, spa treatments, bike rides, etc.  My brother and SIL took off to do these things while my husband and I spent some quality time with our niece.  That afternoon, my SIL and I decided to go exploring.  Yarn exploring.

According to Google, there was an LYS not too far from where we were staying.  The Yarn Studio in Minturn was only a couple of exits away on Rt. 70… so off we went.  This shop was a wonderful find – there was a beautiful selection of yarn in every nook, corner, and cubby.  The owner was super friendly and loved learning that we were from the East coast, and especially that my SIL owns her own yarn shop.  Because this trip was seriously straining my very limited budget, I sadly left the store empty-handed.  But believe me, that took a great deal of discipline.

The wedding was amazing – an absolute celebration of everything that love can, and should, be.  We partied well into the night, and felt it the next morning when we left early to start the 2 hour trip back to Denver.  My brother, etc. were heading out to CA to visit sone of my SIL’s family, while my husband and I headed back to Harrisburg.  Truly an amazing trip.  And one year later, I fondly reflect on the Rockies, the aspens, Little Lion Man, Vin 48, The Westin Riverfront Resort and Spa, and The Yarn Studio.

And the bride and groom.  Happy (early) Anniversary, Jaimie and David.

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Like Candy For Your Hands.

A few days ago, my SIL, and owner of Wooly Monmouth called me up to talk about my special order of Tilli Tomas Symphony Lace, which, if you recall, I’ll be using for this Lace Jacket:

Lace Jacket by Iris Schreier

For this pattern, she explained that I could hold the yarn double, which would more closely resemble the original jacket in weight. Or, I could try holding it single, and, y’know… see how it comes out, because who knows, it could work that way, too.  The yarn rep she was working with actually sent her a small sample of Symphony Lace for me to try out, in the comfort of my own home(town).  How unbelievably helpful is that???  But it’s not surprising… that’s how it works with my SIL.

Isn’t this pretty?

Sparkly, soft, yum... like candy for your hands.

I’m going to try it out tonight.  Yes, it’s as soft and luxurious as it looks.

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What’s In Store.

I am SO… blah.  Unmotivated.  Uninspired.  And unable to get past it.  It’s the darn socks, I tell you.  This knitting socks on 2 circular needles thing is really not for me, I guess.  But I must continue, I must persevere, because here’s what’s waiting for me:

  • More socks.  For Daughter and for me (Husband will get more, too.  I just don’t have the yarn for him yet.).  Can you guess which method I’ll be going back to?
  • A rollneck sweater for Daughter, with a twist.  The pattern is very straightforward, but I want to try some intarsia by knitting her school logo – an “H” with a circle around it – on the front.  It’s not the idea of intarsia that’s tripping me up here, it’s the placement of said “H”.  I think the way to go about this is to buy some knitter’s graph paper and plot it out.  But if anyone can think of a better way of doing this, PLEASE let me know!
  • Husband really likes the Meandering Rib Scarf by Lion Brand Yarn.  Husband also really likes my fingerless mitts, but not quite so colorful, so he’s going to get a pair of those made from black Alpaca yarn… yummy.
  • A lace shawl.  It’s been waiting for me for almost a year.  It has “January knitting” written all over it.

Yikes, my queue’s out-of-control!  If only I could knit like this woman, I’d… well, I’d have a lot more to wear this year than I do right now.

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