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The Thankful Edition.

What is it about getting older that makes us (read: me) feel the need to ponder the meaning of Thanksgiving?  I was sitting at work this morning and out of nowhere, I just started listing things that I’ve been thankful for lately.  And so, in no particular order:

  • … for my plans to spend the rest of the week with my family in NJ;
  • … that, late last week, my brain kicked into high speed and I was able to figure out a very complex coding project at work;
  • … for my husband, for too many things to list (but especially for putting up with me.  The man’s a saint.);
  • … for my knitting abilities… and limitations:

    ... and a pattern emerges! This is actually sideways, but you get the gist.

  • … for Facebook, because I didn’t realize how much I missed my childhood friends until I found them again;
  • … for friends who invite me on day-long shopping trips;
  • … for my daughter’s enthusiasm and excitement when she tries on a newly-finished knitted sock.

    The Travel Project, still in progress since last month. Might actually be done this weekend.

Wishing everyone a happy and peaceful Thanksgiving.

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Flood vs. KDO.

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that my hometown is having quite a day.  The remnants of Tropical Depression Lee hit PA hard – rivers and creeks are overflowing their banks as I type, and evacuations have been ordered.  I’m fortunate that I’m living in a part of Harrisburg that won’t have to evacuate, although my basement is in danger of flooding if my sump pump fails.  It’s happened before. It’s not pretty.  My heartfelt sympathies to anyone who’s dealing with floodwater in their homes today.

The Sunken Gardens in Riverfront Park, Harrisburg, are living up to its name.

As I listen to the news, and await some friends-turned-refugees who are spending the night, I’m wondering about the Knitter’s Day Out conference, scheduled for this weekend… located just outside of flooded Wormleysburg.  I haven’t missed this conference since I started knitting, and I know I won’t be the only devastated yarnie if it gets cancelled.  Happily, the website says it’s still on… but, y’know, that could change.  Sigh… nothing to do but wait.  I hate waiting.  So… time to figure out those crazy YOs on the Norfolk Ramblers

Any updates on KDO or the flood, please feel free to post it here, and I’ll Tweet and/or Facebook it.

(is Facebook a verb yet?)


* picture by Scott Detrow

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OK, I Get It Now.

No, not the heel turn with YOs on my Norfolk Ramblers socks… I’m still figuring that out.  And no, not whether I’m going to knit the Lace Jacket holding Symphony Lace single or double… actually, I haven’t picked up my needles since earlier this week. Why, you ask?


Stop laughing.  There’s a good reason why I’m the last person on Earth to join the madness.  It’s very simple, really:  I’m a Java developer/Web designer, and after spending 8 hours a day staring at a computer screen, the last thing I want(ed) to do was go home and… stare at a computer screen.  Also, I really valued my anonymity, since it’s such a rare attribute in a world of reality shows and social networks.  I figured if someone really wanted to find me, they would.  I mean, I’ve found plenty of people using Google and Wikipedia alone.  Takes time, but it’s not impossible.

My downfall started with Twitter.  Believe it or not, it was kind of a revelation, with all the info that was zooming at me.  It was exciting, and fun, and look!  A link!  Taking me to… yikesFacebook.  Someone’s wall… which I couldn’t see, because I didn’t have an account.  This happened so many times that finally, and with much humility, I caved and signed up.

Two days later, I’m making plans to spend a weekend in NJ to visit some high school friends that I haven’t seen or heard from in years.  A happy reunion, courtesy of that which was ridiculous and frivolous to me only a week ago.

Alright, alright… I get it now.

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